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Products & Services

Business Solutions

MFPs (Multi-functional peripherals) / Laser printers / Filing devices / Software and peripheral devices / Cloud services / Optimised Print Services

Production Print Systems

Digital color printing systems / Digital monochrome printing systems

Industrial Inkjet

Inkjet printheads / Inkjet textile printers / Inkjet ink


Digital X-ray diagnostic imaging systems (CR, DR) / Digital mammography / Diagnostic ultrasound systems / Medical imaging filing systems / Medical management ICT service

Measuring Instruments

Colorimeters / Luminance meters / Spectrophotometers / Photovoltaic reference cells / Pulse oximeters

Optical Products

Lens units / Pickup lenses for optical disks

OLED lighting

Performance Materials

TAC film for LCD polarizers / High-precision photo plates


Optical planetariums / Digital full-dome systems / Full-dome show

About Konica Minolta

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